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Epic XLR uses the same materials as the Epic RCA. The design is adapted to include an extra conductor, producing a true balanced performance.  Neutrality and transparency come as standard.  Epic XLR carries high levels of detail and with real musical coherence.

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The Epic XLR design was adapted to use an extra conductor for optimum performance and like the Epic RCA cable, is capable of carrying a very high level of detail with musical coherence.

There are growing numbers of mid-priced components appearing with XLR connections and many of these players are using the latest hi-resolution chip-sets.

The level of detail these players reveal is astonishing compared to just a few years ago and the Epic Analogue cables will let your hear this. Its a good bet that as the cost of equipment rises XLR outputs will become more relevant.

Our advice: if you have RCA and XLR options available you should try both.  You may well find that the RCA outputs are the more musically involving choice. Pick a piece of music that’s special to you and listen.  You’ll find it easy to hear whether it’s the XLR or the RCA connections that move you more.

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