PMC veggfesting fyrir DB1 og Result6

49.900 kr.

The DB1 bracket has been engineered to be a rigid and reliable support that will allow the DB1 Gold to perform to a supreme level.

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(m.v. mán)


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The BRKT bracket has been engineered to be a rigid, reliable support and will allow PMC’s compact designs to perform to a supreme level.  This bracket provides movement in both vertical and horizontal planes so the cabinets can be angled to the optimum listening axis.  A ‘lock off’ bolt guarantees a ‘no droop’ scenario making the chosen position permanent.

The BRKT can be used in conjunction with:

result6, twotwo5, twotwo6, DB1 Gold, ci30, ci45 & ci65 – this bracket is not suitable to mount a twotwo.8 loudspeaker.